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to help organizations achieve their missions by offering learning opportunities

to stimulate development and cultivate sustainability

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(noun) / [fə-ˈlan-THrə-pē]

The word philanthropy comes from the Ancient Greek φιλανθρωπία (philanthrōpía) ‘love of humanity’.
philo- ‘to love, be fond of’.
anthrōpos- ‘humankind, mankind’.

The Center For Financial Independence
is the result of ideas sharing among philanthropists and nonprofits leaders
to create a space where efforts converge and align to maximize their impact in society


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Steve Mariotti


“Social Entrepreneur Of The Decade”
by the International Association Of Top Professionals (IAOTP) for his contributions to the development of systems that empower millions globally

The solution to some of the greatest challenges of our time -from environmental issues to health to education- emerge in the nonprofit sector

Charitable Donations have continued growing year after year
for more than a decade

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Donor Advised Funds

have become the favorite giving channel
for high net-worth individuals

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% of Individuals Charitable Giving going to

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In 2022, there were $229 billion in the accounts of DAFs. Donors gave nearly $86 billion to DAFs, versus $45 billion to private foundations.

Overall, Nonprofits Organizations show consistent increase in fundraising performance year over year

Although small nonprofits lag behind medium and large size nonprofits on reaching their goals

Fundraising strategy, mission’s focus, market understanding and retaining staff and volunteers are among the challenging areas

USA Nonprofits by Yearly Revenue

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70% of nonprofits in the USA operate with a yearly budget of $50,000 or less

Presenting many sizeable opportunities to overhaul, foster growth and scale their impact

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Nonprofits Education

"In the U.S., over 1 million organizations qualified for 501(c)3 status in 2009, yet charitable donations declined: $315.08 billion in 2008 vs. $303.75 billion in 2009. As competition for resources increases...

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